The most commonly asked question about the most fashionable Islamic clothing in the west is, what do Turkish women wear? And the answer is simple: a scarf, which can also be translated as a shawl (mohamma), and sometimes a headdress known as an ibrik (hijab). These articles of clothing are often called burkas by westerners. Turkmen clothing can be classified by region, country or religion. There are many differences among these types of clothing, and some of the variations are discussed below.

The traditional dress for Turko Turks is a full gown (mektebeli), worn over pants (zavebak). This type of clothing is not only practical, but also stylish. The most commonly used textile material for such dresses is silk, although other materials like cashmere and georgette are also used. Silk and wool were the most favored materials in the past, but these materials are too costly nowadays. Scarves made of cotton, velvet or satin are now also popular, due to the low cost and good quality of these products.

Many westerners would surely think that Muslim women living in the west would not wear Islamic clothing. However, this is not always true. Many Islamic countries have a tradition of selling Islamic clothing, such as hijabs (arakdas), which are popular clothes worn by turkmen ( Muslims of the Middle East). It is not uncommon to see western women wearing hijabs while visiting a mosque. A modern Islamic woman also might wear a head scarf, which is referred to as a muslimah, to hide her face during prayer.

There are many other types of traditional Islamic clothing that turkmen in Turkey also enjoy wearing. Some of these are the salwar kameez, churidaras, kebabs, kaftans and kurtis. These are all made from the same materials, silk, satin or cotton. The kurtis are lightweight and fashionable. Below are some of the popular Istanbul, Turkey, h hijabs that are considered popular, Islamic fashion in the west:

The traditional Islamic head scarf, which is also known as the hijab, has been an issue of debate for years. The debates range from whether or not it represents the will of God, to being a symbol of the western world’s oppression of the Muslim world. With more Islamic women wearing the hijab in solidarity with their fellow refugees, it is no longer a point of controversy, but a must-have clothing accessory.

The shawl, a long piece of cloth, is another Islamic tradition that is frequently taken for granted by westerners. The typical turkish scarf is thick and often includes an embroidered pattern on it. These patterns can include motifs such as a flower or crescent, or even intricate geometric designs. While the shawl may not be as popular in Turkey today as it once was, many women still wear the traditional turkish scarf.

Although the modern day turkish shawls are made from silk and other beautiful fabrics, the traditional turkish scarf is made from the finest wool or silk available. Many of these are hand knotted and have beautiful patterns woven into them. In addition to silk, the traditional material used for the making of the turkish scarf includes silk and linen. A few stores in Istanbul sell all different types of Turkish clothes, including the silk scarves

One of the newest items to enter the list of what do turkish women wear is designer scarves. These beautiful scarves are handmade with beautiful natural fabrics, silk and cotton. The knots used are very unique, and each one represents a meaning in Turkish culture. The most common knot is the macaya, which is usually used to symbolize fate. However there are also many other fascinating knots available to choose from, all of which serve to tell a unique story for each garment.

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