If you are a newly-crowned Mr. or Mrs., or just want to impress the woman of your dreams, you must know how to know if a Turkish girl likes you. There are several ways to determine if she’s into you or not, but it may be difficult for you to know which one of them is the most accurate. First, you have to ask her directly – in her native tongue, that is. If you can’t get your answer directly in English, that might be the best way to tell. Some women may be too shy to express their feelings at first, and so they might not say much at all about their feelings toward you.

  • Listen to her. No one can resist the charms of a great conversationalist. You’ll always catch her telling you her favorite places and things, and she’ll always come up with a story about how she ‘loved’ (and ‘asted’ oruttered about) her recently-met boyfriend. There won’t be any shortage of compliments coming your way.
  • Check her appearance. She should look good, and smell good. She should have a decent figure, whether it’s round, or full and shapely. She should have a pleasant personality and a sweet disposition, otherwise you wouldn’t feel so close to her.
  • Smell her cologne. Does it smell of flowers? Sweet jasmine or musk? If it smells like roses or lilacs, she’s attracted to you. If it smells of musk or amber, she’s probably into you. A strong citrus smell is also a sign that she’s attracted to you, although that doesn’t mean she’ll like you that much.
  • Watch out for her eyes. They should be small, well-lit and watery. If they are dilated and bright, she’s taken your breath for granted. She’ll want to be with you as soon as possible.
  • What do you think of her outfit? Does it fit you properly, or does she look better wearing long pants than in a summer dress? Is she comfortable and confident or fidgety and nervous? Does she look good with short hair, long hair or anything in between?

If you get all this right, you’ll know if she likes you, but you won’t know if she’s actually got feelings for you. A true Turkish woman will never date a man who doesn’t treat her with respect. You must always be treated with respect, courtesy and consideration.

  • Her thoughts and opinions about you will be extremely positive, but only if they’re sincere. She’ll talk about how wonderful it is to be with you, but what will she tell you about the problems you two might face together? She’ll be honest, and never try to sugarcoat anything. Be prepared to answer any questions she may have, and if you don’t know the answer, find out the answer straight away, because she might be hiding something else from you.
  • She’ll always be supportive of you. There’s no way around this one. She’ll say it with her eyes, with her smile or even by talking to you quietly and tenderly. She’ll encourage you when you make mistakes, and she’ll be there to nag you about the little things, like not brushing your teeth for a fortnight (though this is a perfectly normal thing for her to do, and something you certainly shouldn’t ignore).
  • She’ll laugh at your jokes. This isn’t just a sign of friendly interest, either. A genuine, authentic Turkish woman will enjoy a good joke, and she’ll share it with you with affection. It’s one of the best ways to know if a Turkish woman likes you.
  • She wants to spend time with you. A true Turkish woman will want to spend time with you, to go out on dates, to go out with friends. If you can arrange to visit her in person, that’s even better. She’ll want to feel close to you. She’ll want to trust you.
  • She trusts you. How do you know if she trusts you? She’ll talk to you about anything. She’ll talk to you about her problems, and she’ll discuss them with you. She’ll tell you she loves you, and she’ll promise to be with you always.

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